July 8, 2021

Instagram Creator vs Business Account: Which is worth the switch?

Switching your account to a business or creator account offers a variety of benefits that you won't get from your personal account. This can be an important first step in increasing followers and facilitating engagement, even if you are not collaborating with a brand yet.

What are Instagram Creator accounts and Business accounts?

Instagram Creator Account

An Instagram Creator Account is one of two Instagram Professional profiles on the platform. The Creator profile gives influencers and creators access to "features that make online presence control, growth understanding, and message management easier."

Typically, if you're promoting your product in collaboration with a brand without actually selling it, or if your main goal is to create content for the audience, the Creator account will suit you better!

Instagram Business Account

Business Instagram accounts are for brands and influencers who run their business, so they have functions that can help businesses. Business accounts allow you to add Call-to-Action buttons to schedule appointments, contact customer service, or make reservations.

Therefore, a business account is more suitable for brands and influencers that already have a monetization strategy.

It is important to know that verified accounts and business accounts are not the same. There may be a verified account without a business account, or vice versa. A verified Instagram account just means that "confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents."

So which one is best suited to you? 

In short, Instagram creator accounts are best suited to public figures, content producers, artists, and Instagram influencers. On the other hand, business accounts are ideal for retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations, or service providers.

Both accounts have access to insights, a Two-tab inbox to manage DMs, a saving reply option, and paid partnership tags but we’ll focus on what unique feature each account offers!

1. Profile categories

Because Instagram distinguishes creators from businesses and treats them as different entities, it provides different profile categories for both accounts to label profiles.

Creator account holders can choose from titles such as chefs, gamers, writers, or dancers. Business accounts offer options such as advertising agencies, hotel resorts, bakeries, and shoe stores. Both accounts can hide this information if you want.

2. Call to action(CTA)

You can connect to other online services without exiting the app using the Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons under the profile's overview and above the story highlights. 

For Business accounts, you can add CTAs when customers order food, book now, or reserve. On the other hand, the creator account can add books or only use the Schedule button. The CTA button can be hidden if you want for both accounts.

3. Content scheduling

Scheduling content through third-party scheduling tools is a perfect way to organize, share content regularly, and track insights and analysis.

Unfortunately, Instagram's API does not currently support automatic publishing of scheduled content through Creator Accounts' third-party apps. However, you can access Instagram's Creator Studio tools that allow you to perform the same tasks as third-party apps.

Both Creator and Business accounts offer similar features and tools with minor differences, so it doesn’t matter which account you choose.

If you still can't make a decision, try one of the accounts first and switch after if you don’t like it as switching between these two professional accounts is easy and you won't lose any data or insights! You can change your account from "Settings > Account > Account Type > Business Account or Creator Account” However, beware that switching back to your personal account will result in the loss of historical insight data!

If you are looking for campaigns to try these unique features of Instagram Creator and Business Account, Download our app now and check out the latest brand campaigns that match your followers’ and your interest! 

HyeonA Kwak

HyeonA is the digital marketing intern of Avenue

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