July 8, 2021

Different Types of Influencer Collaborations to Try

Collaborations with brands are usually the norm - and more common. Though not entirely new, influencer-influencer collaborations should be emphasized and worked on more. Just like how collaborating with brands brings influencers a unique set of benefits, so do collaborations between influencers!

In this blog we cover the different types of influencer collaborations you can try and also the benefits of influencer-influencer collaborations. Let’s get right into it!

Types of Influencer Collaborations

1. Guest post on each other’s blog

Writing on each other’s blogs will broaden both your audiences and bring a new perspective to your readers.

You can either introduce guests in the blog post content itself like how Amber introduced Cara or mention it in the blog author bio. 


2. Creating a YouTube video together

This could be in the form of a challenge or even simply just creating a vlog together. This is a great way for your followers to get to know you a little better, and see how you interact with other influencers. 

Like how @Ali Abdaal and @Kharma Medic collaborate and create the video! They collaborated and posted youtube videos about “Stress, Regrets, and Inspirations”. They linked each other’s youtube channels by mentioning their youtube channel name. @Ali Abdaal, especially, mentioned in the caption that the second part of the video is available on @Kharma Medic, which makes users visit Kharma Medic’s youtube channel. 

3. Appearing in photoshoots together

Doing photoshoots together is a great way to be mentioned on another influencer’s Instagram or blog -- especially so if your niche is fashion. 

@thelittlemagpie, a fashion and travel blogger, posted pictures with @meganellaby. Instead of mentioning Megan’s Instagram handle in the caption, Amy tagged her in the posts so users can visit Megan’s Instagram account easily. 

4. Doing a joint giveaway together

Giveaways are always a fun and popular choice amongst followers -- I mean, who doesn’t like free things right? Listing it as a criteria to follow each other’s Instagram and/or tagging all influencers involved to be considered as an entry is a simple way to get more followers.

@danaivy teamed up with 4 influencers to run the giveaway. In the caption, she mentioned all influencers Instagram handles and mentioned following them as instructions on how users can receive prizes. 


Influencer-influencer collaborations are definitely a way to expand your reach and follower base. This is an ideal way for not only your followers to get to know you a little better, but also possibly creating an avenue for more potential collaborations with other influencers (and brands) in the future. On that note, if you’re ever having trouble finding brands to collaborate with, Avenue is definitely the platform for you. With countless brands to choose from, you won’t ever have to worry about not finding the right brand to collaborate with.

Carissa Tan

Carissa is the digital marketing intern of Avenue

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