July 8, 2021

Ways Influencers Can Collaborate With Brands

As a growing micro influencer looking to score more brand collaborations, it is important to be aware of the various types of influencer collaborations you may engage in. While some may be commonly known, influencer collaborations generally have different structures and payment terms. While these partnership terms vary with each brand, here are some of the most common influencer collaboration types and what to look out for.

Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate partnerships is one of the most common ways brands partner with influencers. Usually, brands will provide you with an affiliate link or discount that tracks the sales you bring in. Most brands will compensate you in the form of commissions from tracked sales or a fixed amount from each sale made.

This post by @the_patientmom is an example of an affiliate partnership where she is given a specific discount code to share with her followers.

Sponsored Posts

Another common type of influencer collaboration is paid partnerships. Brands may offer to pay you a set amount for a story or post about their product. This may be to promote a new launch of a product, an event, or even a giveaway that they are holding. 

With paid partnerships, compensation may not always be monetary. Some brands may offer compensation in the form of free products and exposure from the collaboration.

Brand Ambassador Partnerships

While brand ambassador partnerships may seem very similar to sponsored posts, the difference is that brand ambassador partnerships are usually longer and encompass a wider scope of work. You will be required to promote their products or events regularly over a period of time and may also need to attend any PR events that the brand has.

As a brand ambassador, you are the face of the brand. Fashion beauty vlogger, @imjennim, is the brand ambassador of @skinceuticals where she regularly posts content regarding her experience with Skinceuticals products.

Things To Note For Brand Collaborations

With brand partnerships, relationships can go sour due to miscommunication and mismatched expectations. To prevent ruining any relationship with any brand, here are some important things to take note of:

Have a Good Understanding of the Brand and Product

Before promoting anything to your followers, it is important that you are familiar with their brand, what their product contains, and how it is used. This will not only help you to promote the product in a relevant and effective manner but also help you decide whether this is a collaboration you want to take on. If you were an eco-friendly influencer, it would damage your personal branding if you didn’t do your research and partnered with a brand that may engage in processes that pollute the environment.

Understand the Brand’s Goal

Before engaging in any partnership, understand what the brand’s ultimate goal is. Are they looking to increase brand awareness, follower count, increase website traffic or boost sales? Is there a particular product that they are specifically looking to boost? Clarifying these with the brand will show brands that you have their best interests in mind. It will also help you tailor your content strategy to achieve these specific goals.

Be Genuine 

Especially if you are reaching out to a brand for collaboration, you need to make sure that this is a product or service that you use and will personally recommend to your friends. Promoting products just to earn money is often a big turnoff for many followers who value influencers for their authenticity.

As an influencer, you’re often the middle man between your followers and brands. While it is important to help brands achieve their goals, it is also important to know what your followers are interested in and will be receptive to. Avenue is an app for influencers to find brand collaborations by providing important insights and follower compatibility on opportunities. Find out how you can grow your influence with meaningful brand collaborations on Avenue.

Emily Gouw

Emily is the digital marketing intern of Avenue

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