July 8, 2021

Instagram Hack: Adding a Swipe Up Link Without 10k Followers

I’m sure we are all aware of this exclusive Instagram feature - the swipe up link. And by exclusive, we mean usually only those with 10k followers and above are able to get access to this feature. But what if we told you that there is a way to get access to this feature without having to reach 10,000 followers?

Step 1: Create an IGTV video

In this video, you are going to want to create your content around the product/service you would like to promote. Ensure that this video has a strong call to action and explain to your followers why they should care about what you are promoting.

Make sure your video is more than 60 seconds long so that it can qualify as an IGTV video! 

Step 2: Uploading your IGTV video

If you don’t already know how to upload an IGTV video, all you have to do is go to your profile and click on the “+” icon on the top right, just beside the three horizontal lines. A list of options will appear and you are going to want to click on “IGTV video”. All the videos in your camera roll should appear, and those that are longer than 60 seconds should be selectable.

Select the video you want to upload. Be sure to choose an ✨ eye catching cover image and title ✨ that will pique the curiosity of your followers and trigger more clicks. In the description, add in the link to what you are trying to promote.

Now your video is ready to be uploaded!

Step 3: Add your IGTV video onto your stories

After uploading your IGTV video onto your feed, your next step is to upload it onto your story. Create a quick story - in video or picture format, whichever you feel is more effective, telling your followers about your new product and end it off with a call to action such as “Swipe up to get yours”.

In the top row of your IG story interface, there is a link icon. Click that and the image on the right will show up.

Click on the “+ IGTV video” option, then select the video that you just uploaded. Now your IG story is linked to the IGTV video you just posted.

When people view your story, this is what they will see.

Image credits: Preview App

Remember earlier, I told you to add your link into your IGTV’s description? This is so that whenever people click onto your video’s title, the link will appear and they will be automatically directed to your website!

And just like that! You have created your very own swipe up link 😉

Carissa Tan

Carissa is the digital marketing intern of Avenue

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